The Tryst Fitting

A fitting at Tryst is a comfortable experience that puts the needs of the customer first and foremost.

The fitting begins with a two way conversation about what the customer is looking for from her fitting. The customer is asked what size she is currently wearing and whether or not she has had a professional fitting before.

A measurement is made under the bust, over the bust and across the bust. These measurements determine the best back AND cup size to begin fitting with.

The first bra that is brought to the customer is based on this first measurement. It is generally a plain bra that fits well. This bra will help determine if the measurement is correct and what the shape of her breasts. The fitter will need to see this bra on, regardless of fit, to determine if the size is correct.

For each bra, the fitter will check the back of the bra for the correct snugness, adjust straps and advise the customer how to adjust her breasts in the bra.

The fitter will also inform the customer what she should be looking for in the perfect fitting bra. It is preferable to purchase a bra on the loosest hook so that as the bra stretches the bra can be worn more snugly by moving over a set of hooks. The breasts also need to be fully encompassed by the wire or within the cup if the bra is a soft cup bra.

Each bra will fit differently and will be assessed one by one. Each bra will probably need a strap adjustment or the back tightened or loosened. The fitter will do this for the customer as these adjustments often improve the look of the bra once on. At this point the fitter is only able to comment on the look of the bra. It is up to the customer to communicate how the bra feels and whether or not she likes the shape the bra gives.

Once the customer has made a few selections, she is advised to see how the bra looks under clothing and to sit down while wearing the bras. She can then decide if she likes the shape of the bra(s) under her clothing and if they are comfortable when sitting.

Tryst staff members go through an extensive training period during which time they learn the fundamentals or bra fitting, garner product knowledge, and become familiar with various shapes and sizes of breasts. Training is conducted by Shana Tilbrook, co-owner, who has also trained store owners across Canada on the basics of bra fitting.